Red Rainbow Jasper Bracelet with Copper Accents


This handcrafted gemstone and copper bracelet measures approximately 7.25 inches long.

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This beaded bracelet is made of red rainbow jasper rectangles and copper squares. It measures approximately 7.25 inches long. The focal point on top of the wrist is a copper flat oval bead with dots. It measures approximately 18mm or 0.71 inches long by 16mm or 0.63 inches wide.

Rainbow jasper is a blend of earth-tone colors, including burgundy-red, golds, browns, and tans. Rainbow jasper is believed to be Emotionally calming and healing. It is said to boost self-confidence, help in decision-making, ease stress, and bring about a positive outlook. Jasper is said to be a protective stone. It gives us courage, wealth, and confidence. It is said to calm the nerves, to repel negative energy, and to keep us in control of our emotions. Jasper is associated with the Zodiac signs of Aries, Aquarius, Leo, and Virgo. It is the mystical birthstone for the month of October, and one of the birthstones for the month of January.

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