Aqua Terra Jasper and Silver Turtle Charm Bracelet


This bracelet is made of 6mm aqua terra jasper beads and silver-colored bead caps, with 5 silver-plated turtle charms. It measures approximately 7.5 inches long.

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If you like turtles, this might be the bracelet for you. It is made of natural, 6mm aqua terra jasper beads. The bracelet measures approximately 7.5 inches long, and the five silver-plated turtle charms measure 24mm or 0.94 inches long by 14mm or 0.55 inches wide.

Aqua terra jasper is not a jasper at all. It is the trade name for onyx marble. It is also known as ?impression stone?. It is a multicolored stone with pale blue-greens and grey or yellow patterns. According to the Encyclop?dia Britannica, ?the so-called onyx marbles consist of concentric zones of calcite or aragonite deposited from cold-water solutions in caves and crevices and around the exits of springs. They are, in the strict sense, neither marble nor onyx, for true onyx is a banded chalcedony composed largely of silicon dioxide.?

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