Moukaite and Antique Silver Bracelet


This one-of-a-kind handcrafted bracelet is made of moukaite beads and antique silver-finished pewter spacers. It measures approximately 7.25 inches long.

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If you like jewelry that makes a statement, this bracelet does the trick. It is made of 4mm moukaite beads and pewter spacers throughout the bracelet with larger faceted moukaite flat hexagons on the sides. The top of the bracelet is an antique silver-finished brass fancy curved bead with cutouts. This bead measures approximately 33 by 17.5mm or 1.3 by 0.69 inches. The bracelet measures approximately 7.25 inches long.

Whether you spell it Moukaite, Mookite, or Mookaite, you would still be talking about the same stone–a type of jasper found in Australia. With its fabulous red-brown, gold, and earth tone hues, it makes a fashion statement. Like all jaspers, moukaite has been credited with many metaphysical and healing properties. A grounding and stabilizing stone, it is thought to boost self-esteem, alleviate stress, enhance communication skills, and ease depression and fear. Moukaite is said to aid in solving problems. It helps us to deal with and accept change. It keeps us in the present and allows us to explore all options and make the right decisions. It allows us to move forward despite our fear of what is to come.

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