Picture Jasper Earrings with Antique Brass Owl Pendant


These are fun, dangly earrings made of picture jasper and antique brass-finished pewter with an owl dangling at the bottom.

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These handcrafted earrings are made of a 6-sided picture jasper drum bead between antique brass-finished pewter accents with an antique brass-finished pewter owl charm dangling at the bottom. The picture jasper six-sided drum measures approximately 14mm or 0.55 inches by 12mm or 0.47 inches, and the owl charm measures approximately 38mm or 1.5 inches long by 20mm or 0.79 inches wide. The earrings dangle approximately 3 inches long from the top of the ear wire.

In some cultures, the owl is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and patience. It is said to heighten intuition and protect the wearer.

Picture jasper is said to promote prosperity and bring about business success. It is believed to bring hidden feelings to the surface so we can deal with them and move beyond them. This stone is thought to connect us to the earth and increase our awareness of the environment around us. Picture jasper is a grounding stone said to alleviate fear, strengthen determination, foster creativity, and promote insight. It helps us to find elusive answers, as it provides clarity and mental focus. It allows us to see the path we need to take. Picture jasper is associated with the Zodiac sign of Leo.

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