Handcrafted Magnesite Bracelet


This handmade magnesite bracelet measures approximately 8 inches long.

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This handcrafted bracelet is made of light blue magnesite beads. It is slightly chunky and measures approximately 8 inches long. The bracelet has no metal, except for the pewter toggle clasp. It has 6mm rounds throughout the bracelet, a barrel-shaped bead on top of the wrist, dog bone-shaped beads on the sides, and a 6-sided oval by the pewter toggle clasp. The barrel on top measures approximately 18mm or 0.71 inches long by 13mm or 0.51 inches round.

In nature, magnesite is usually white. This stone is often dyed a variety of colors, and it is especially dyed to simulate turquoise. Though it is not as expensive as turquoise, magnesite has its own place in jewelry. This stone is said to be calming and balancing. It allows us to accept others and ourselves more readily. It is even said to strengthen teeth and bones, and to ease the symptoms of PMS.

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