Cherry Quartz Glass and Copper Necklace with Heart Pendant and Copper Pinecone Dangle


This handcrafted cherry quartz glass and copper necklace measures approximately 22.25 inches long.

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This chunky necklace is made of a variety of cherry quartz glass shapes and copper-finished pewter accents. It measures approximately 22.25 inches long. The focal point is a cherry quartz glass puffed heart with a copper-finished pewter bead at the top and bottom, and a Vintaj Artisan natural copper pinecone charm dangling at the bottom. The cherry quartz heart measures approximately 29mm or 1.14 inches long by 25mm or 0.98 inches wide. The natural copper pinecone measures approximately 22mm or 0.87 inches. The focal point is approximately 2.75 inches long.

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